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All vehicles Include A 1 Month/1,000 Mile Warranty On All Major Components!

Coverage Includes: VIADA Certified 100 Point Inspection

  • 1) ENGINE - All internally lubricated parts; engine mounts, flywheel, flex plate, harmonic balancer, intake and exhaust manifolds, mechanical fuel pump, pulleys, ring gear, supercharger, thermostat, timing belt, timing cover, turbocharger, vacuum pump, valve covers, water pump.
  • 2) TRANSMISSION/TRANSFER CASE- All Internally Lubricated parts; modulator, torque converter, transmission and transfer case mounts.
  • 3) AXLE ASSEMBLY - All Internally Lubricated parts, axle shafts, drive shafts, constant velocity joints and boots, locking hubs, universal joints
  • 4) AIR CONDITIONING - Accumulator, compressor, compressor clutch, condenser, evaporator, expansion valve, heater core, receiver drier, temperature control programmer
  • 5) BRAKES - Booster, calipers, Compensating valve, master cylinder, proportioning valve, wheel cylinders
  • 6) COOLING SYSTEM - Fan, Fan Clutch, Radiator
  • 7) ELECTRICAL - Alternator, Antenna Motor, Blower motor, cooling Fan motor, distributor, horn, ignition coil, manually operated switches, mirror motor, seat motor, starter motor, voltage regulator, washer pump, window motor, wiper motor
  • 8) ELECTRONIC - Cruise control computer, engine control computer and sensors, ignition module and pick-Up, Transmission computer, suspension computer
  • 9) FUEL SYSTEM - Electronic fuel pump, fuel injectors, fuel pressure regulator, injection pump (Diesel)
  • 10) STEERING - All Internally lubricated parts within the gearbox, pump, rack and pinion, center link, idler arm, steering knuckles, tie rod adjusting sleeves, tie rod ends
  • 11) SUSPENSION - Ball Joints, bushings, control arms, control arm shafts, links, radius arms, spindle, spindle supports springs, stabilizer bars, suspension compressor, torsion bars, wheel bearings

* Seals And Gaskets are only covered when required for a required repair.

*$100 Deductible May Apply *

Extended Service Contracts Plans Available! * See Dealer For Details

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